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Four University Core Competence Centers, each representing a different sector of the science spectrum, offer the chance to utilize their latest innovation.

Medical engineering and devices | University of Freiburg

The medical device industry is one of the most innovative economic sectors. R&D costs are double compared to the industry standard. Approx. half the sales volume is created with products <3 years. The challenge of this fast-moving sector is: well-timed product placement.

Optics, Photonics, Photonic Imaging | University of Göttingen

Traditionally, optics/photonics are of enormous importance for basic sciences, and have developed into a "next generation" technology of the 21st century. Progress and innovations of this cross-sectional technology has leverage effects in laser-, medical-, nano-, bio and communications technologies.

Pharmaceuticals | Saarland University

The unique industry has vast potential, however, is associated with the highest average cost for product development. Accordingly, patent protection is of utmost importance to recover soaring costs and developing reimbursement pressures.

Sensor technology | University of Tübingen

This "key technology" stimulates innovations in a variety of sectors, e.g. automotive-, medical-, buildings-, communications- and environmental technologies, chemistry, pharmacology, bioanalytics and logistics.